packed weekend in Sacramento

When I go to the bay area, about once a month, I pack in as many activities as possible, often running (or pedaling fast) from one to another. My weekends in Sacramento are usually more relaxed. But this last one was full of activity.

OutrageThursday night: Outrage at Big Idea Theatre. This play by Itamar Moses was well staged by Big Idea. The theatre group continues to amaze me with the ability to pull off very challenging plays in an exuberant manner. I think it is well admired for this, because the audience is often at least half actors who I’ve seen in other plays, both here and all over Sacramento. Well worth seeing, it closes December 14.

Friday: I rode out to Carmichael for some work, back, good exercise. Didn’t do much else, just enjoyed the arrival of the storm, almost unseen in the early afternoon and raining heavily by early evening.

Saturday: Midtown Farmers Market in the morning, then Amtrak Capitol Corridor to see 12 Years a Slave at the Davis Varsity Theatre. A powerful movie, a good reminder of both how much things have changed, and how much they haven’t, in the time since official slavery in the mid-1800s. A person sitting in my row was left sobbing. After that, dinner at Sam’s Mediterranean, felafel wrap, and the tea and cookie at Mishka’s Cafe.

Saturday evening: Spring Awakening put on the the UC Davis Theatre and Dance Department. This is a musical version of the original play written in late 1800’s Germany. It was well done, very funny and traumatic. Again, another opportunity to reflect on how much things have changed, and how much they have not. I didn’t realize until reading up afterwards that the characters are about 14 years old (the were played by college students), which makes it even more powerful. It was the last night of the run. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the next play they do. Back on the Amtrak Capitol Corridor last train. Though there are a number of ways to get to Davis during the day, there is really only one way to get back, on the train.

Sunday: Main Sacramento Farmers Market in the morning, and tea at Insight Coffee.

English Country Dance at Jane Austen Birthday Tea
English Country Dance at Jane Austen Birthday Tea

Then the Jane Austen Birthday Tea, put on by the Friends of the Sacramento Library in the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria. It was a lot of fun, good food and conversation, unfortunately tea bags instead of brewed tea, about an hour of English Country Dance (related to contra, but more stately). Then off to de Vere’s for celtic music with Stepping Stone. At de Vere’s, two people mentioned that they were going to a concert afterwards, and after thinking about it for about then minutes and realizing the opportunity might not come along for a while, I went to –

Culburnie121, FraserHaasSunday evening: Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas in concert at Harlows. These two were already my new favorites after hearing a couple of cuts from their Fire & Grace CD (2005), I bought it on iTunes. The concert was even better! I’m amazed at the variety of sounds that Natalie gets out of her cello, sort of five-instruments-in-one. Together, they just knock my socks off. Precision playing with a high level of energy. I’d see them again anytime.

Photo set of Jane Austen Birthday Tea on Flickr.

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