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A drought decision point

While backpacking this week, walking from Auburn to Sacramento in large part in order to see the drawn-down Folsom Reservoir and the living North Fork American River that has been revealed, I had a lot of time to think about … Continue reading

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Reduce water use? We don’t really mean it.

“Sacramento City Council members last night voted to require water customers to reduce their water use by 20 percent.” (Sacramento City Council Mandates Water Use Reductions, City of Sacramento press release 2014-01-15) “Part of the reason we’re not using the meters … Continue reading

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benefits of the drought

The drought in California (and some nearby places) is a prominent topic of conversation these days, and I constantly hear people say in effect “if it would just rain, everything would be OK again.” Well, I disagree. I’m OK with … Continue reading

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water topics not discussed

There are two topics related to the drought that I’ve not seen discussed, so here goes. 1. Water meters: Only about half of water customers in the City of Sacramento are on water meters. The city has committed to installing … Continue reading

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