Escalante way back

paintbrush & sandstone
paintbrush & sandstone, Deer Creek

I am gradually digitizing my slides, and I just completed all my Escalante trips and uploaded to Flickr. Here they are, if you like old photos. The first two trips were taken with an Instamatic square frame camera, the next three¬†with an Olympus OM-1, and then an Olympus Stylus. I’ve also included my three more recent trips, all digital. I took several trips during my no-photos time, as well, but of course have no record of those.

Flickr missing

I noticed when browsing back over my posts yesterday that all my Flickr photos are missing, and the album links are broken. I guess when Flickr advertised “for life” they didn’t really mean it. I’ll gradually go back and relink to local photos on WordPress, and to my photo albums on PicasaWeb. I suppose at some time I’ll have problems with PicasaWeb too. Google has already made it difficult to use PicasaWeb, trying to force photo users into their social media alternative called Google+.