Waterfall with Danita

Danita at upper waterfall
Danita at upper waterfall

Friday Danita and I hiked up the waterfall creek off Kings Canyon. We walked up on the new (to me) trail to the big waterfall, then headed up the cliffs to the upper creek. Higher up there is a little trail along the creek and we spent time exploring and photographing. Talked for quite a while and just spaced out watching the creek. Then went higher up, found the trail being laid out by Jeff Potter and others, and the upper waterfall. More photos of moss and flowing water. Water is abundant this year, of course, and everything very green, but not a lot of flowers. The weather was perfect and so was the company. It’s great to have good friends and good mountains.

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San Francisco weekend

Another great weekend in California. Sometimes I forget that I live in Nevada, and that I have a job here, but I’m having so much fun on these weekends in California, that I sort of want to forget.

I went to the Friday Night Waltz in Palo Alto for the first time, and quite enjoyed it. It is about 1/3 waltz and the rest a variety of other social dances, a few of which I know how to do or can fake, and several I just watched. The dancers are a group of young high school / college age who know each other, and middle aged dancers, a few of whom are also contra dancers. I wouldn’t go to the bay area for just this dance, but I’d certainly go again if I happened to be in the bay area on a Friday night.

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