Christmas with Family

Ruth Allison and descendents
Ruth Allison and descendents

Christmas Day I was at my sister Jane’s house in Henderson with family. We opened presents, ate, vegetated, ate, hosted visitors, watched TV (not me), ate, hosted relatives, ate, went to bed early. It was a good day. The photo is, from left, John MacClafferty, Jane MacClafferty (my sister), Vincent Mayo, Ruth Allison (my mom), me, Kimberly MacClafferty (my niece), Lily Mayo (my grand-niece), and Allison May (my niece). For dinner John’s mom Eileen, John’s sister Moira, and her husband Greg joined in. In the middle of the day, K.C., Roxie and Justin came for a visit.

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Looking Back on 2010

Winter Solstice again, and not many posts this past year. I celebrated the solstice with David Buesch and friends at his house in the evening.

The big themes of the year have been transportation, hiking and dancing, not to anyone’s surprise. I said last year one of my long-term goals was to live without a car. I drove my car 5000 miles this year, and I’m glad to be down to such low numbers, but I feel as though that last little bit is going to be quite difficult to eliminate so long as I’m living in Carson City. I use my car (or go with friends) to get to Reno to connect to Amtrak or plane travel, to get to Incline Village and Lake Tahoe for hiking and meetings, and to get to dances. If I give up that last bit of flexibility, I’ll feel stuck in Carson City, and I don’t want that. So I’ll keep my car for as long as I’m in Carson, and continue to keep the driving down as much as I can. On the plus side, I did ride my bike more than I drove, and that feels good. I don’t have an odometer on my bicycles, but figuring a common daily mileage plus other trips works out to about 6000 miles a year.

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