Waterfall with Danita

Danita at upper waterfall
Danita at upper waterfall

Friday Danita and I hiked up the waterfall creek off Kings Canyon. We walked up on the new (to me) trail to the big waterfall, then headed up the cliffs to the upper creek. Higher up there is a little trail along the creek and we spent time exploring and photographing. Talked for quite a while and just spaced out watching the creek. Then went higher up, found the trail being laid out by Jeff Potter and others, and the upper waterfall. More photos of moss and flowing water. Water is abundant this year, of course, and everything very green, but not a lot of flowers. The weather was perfect and so was the company. It’s great to have good friends and good mountains.

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Winter Solstice on Peony Peak

sunrise on winter solstice from Peony Peak

This morning I hiked up Peony Peak, which is my unofficial name for a small peak/large hill northwest of my home in Carson City. The sun was behind a band of clouds at the official sunrise time of 7:15AM, but it popped out about 15 minutes later.

This is my favorite short hike, about two hours from my door out and back, depending on which way I go. From the top I can see Carson Valley south to California and Washoe Valley north to Reno. On the east there is the Pine Nut Range with Rawe Peak and others, and on clear days the area around Dayton. To the west is the much higher Carson Range, and southwest Freel Peak, the highest.

I named the hill Peony Peak because there are a lot of Brown’s peony (Paeonia brownii) on the north and east slope.┬áPeony Peak is 5636 feet, and my apartment 4720 feet or so, so the walk up is less than a thousand foot climb, but half of that is a straight-up section of trail on the south facing slope of the peak. The south slope is nearly free of snow, two weeks after a snowfall of about 18 inches, but the top and other slopes are still deep in snow. I sometimes walk from my door to go backpacking, up over Peony Peak, over to Lakeview Gate, and up into the Carson Range.

Some of my Peony Peak photos, from a number of walks and hikes, are on PicasaWeb.