Uncle Lester

Uncle Lester with my cousin Kurt, photo from Kurt

My uncle Lester Olaf Jorgensen passed last week. He was the last of that generation of my mother (Ruth Margaret Allison) who passed in March, and her sister (Anna Irene Downey) who passed in 1984. My dad (John Daniel Bradshaw Allison Jr), who passed in 2005, was the last of his generation on that side of my family. I miss all of them.

As a result of Lester’s passing, I started up again on family history (genealogy), updating my web pages¬†and creating a new presence on Ancestry.com. I’m not sure whether I’ll continue on Ancestry.com – it has some resources unavailable elsewhere including family trees that others have created and fill details out at the edge of mine, but it is also expensive. The family trees are accessible only to members of Ancestry.com, so I’ll maintain my own web pages as well.

I also reactivated my account on Facebook (!) so that I could keep better touch with relatives. For those of you who know me, Facebook brings some mixed feelings.