New Years Dancing

Joyce Miller & The Syncopaths
Joyce Miller & The Syncopaths

I attended the New Years Eve Gala contra dance in Santa Rosa at Monroe Hall. Joyce Miller called, and the Syncopaths played. The dancing was a lot of fun, the food at break was great, and I got to see a lot of people I don’t see very often. I especially enjoyed dancing with Sandee and Karen. There were about 100 people, a perfect crowd for Monroe Hall. I try to get to Santa Rosa at least twice a year for a dance as I quite enjoy the hall and the dance community there.

After the dance I stayed with Craig and Elaine, and had breakfast with the Syncopaths (Jeff, Ryan, Christa, and Ashley), which was quite fun.

I caught a ride to Grass Valley with Eric and Lisa, and attended the Nevada City regular contra dance on New Years Day. The dance was smaller than usual, probably due to the uncertain weather, but it was nevertheless a lot of fun, and again, I got to see and dance with a lot of friends. I stayed over with Eric and Lisa, and enjoyed Eric’s world famous waffles and good company the next morning, with Bridget, Mary, Karel, Jonathan, and Christie joining in. Art picked me up on the way back and got me to Reno.

Another weekend of great contra dancing and good friends and good food and good conversation! I’m blessed to be able to do this traveling and enjoy these experiences.

Photos on PicasaWeb Santa Rosa and Nevada City. These are taken with my iPhone, which does not have a flash, so the graininess is an artifact of low light conditions.