Theatre: Spring 2013

Again, not a new post, but separated out of my Spring 2013 post.

I saw twelve plays this quarter, just amazing. Hedda Gabler at Capital Stage was the best, and A Contemporary American’s Guide to a Successful Marriage 1959 at Big Idea Theatre was the funniest.

  • As You Like It, Big Idea Theatre
  • Avenue Q, Runaway Stage
  • Billy Elliot, Sacramento Community Center Theatre
  • The Mountaintop, CapStage
  • Dark Meets Light, Ovation Stage
  • 42nd Street, Runaway Stage
  • Private Eyes, Big Idea Theatre
  • The Little Dog Laughed, Closet Door Theatre
  • How We Got On, B Street Theatre
  • Gingerbread Lady, New Helvetia Theatre
  • Hedda Gabler, CapStage
  • Jerusalem, Green Valley Theatre
  • A Contemporary American’s Guide to a Successful Marriage 1959, Big Idea Theatre

Theatre: Summer 2013

No, this is not really a new post. I separated out the theatre info from my post of last summer. I don’t know if anyone else every looks at these posts, but I do, and I want it to be easier to backtrack on plays that I’ve seen and theaters I’ve attended.

Only nine plays.  Yow, I’m falling off.

Theatre: Spring 2014

This spring was lighter than some previous seasons. Tonight I saw Maple and Vine at Cap Stage, opening night of the last play of their season. I’ve not been to an opening night before, but the house was packed, many of the people actors and close followers. The play, about people who intentionally live as though in another time, was a chance for me to reflect on what we’ve lost and what we’ve gained, and to see the humorous and weird side of the historical dance I do. I think my favorite of the season was Hamlet at Galatea, a company that I’ve never seen before, though two of the four actors were familiar from other companies in Sacramento. I’m gradually doing a survey of the professional companies in the bay area, with two plays at A.C.T. this season, one at Berkeley Rep last season, and one upcoming at San Francisco Playhouse. I wouldn’t say the quality is any higher than in Sacramento, but I get a kick out of going to plays in the bay area. The theatre buildings are definitely a wonderful resource that Sacramento lacks. I’ve bought a new season membership at Cap Stage, but otherwise am just seeing plays one by one, usually as they get good reviews in the Sacramento News and Review.

  • 2014-06-21  Cap Stage: Maple and Vine
  • 2014-06-20  Big Idea Theatre: The Submission
  • 2014-06-07  ACT: The Orphan of Zhao
  • 2014-05-29  Cap Stage: Good People
  • 2014-05-16  Green Valley: A New Brain
  • 2014-05-08  B Street: Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
  • 2014-05-02  ACT: The Suit
  • 2014-04-25  Galatea: Hamlet
  • 2014-04-24  Big Idea Theatre: Inventing Van Gogh
  • 2014-04-02  Cap Stage: 4000 Miles

My previous seasonal posts on theatre and plays can be accessed through the Theatre category. The seven seasonal posts are only part of what I’ve seen, but that is as far back as I was keeping track.

Theatre: Winter 2013-2014

The plays which I saw this quarter are listed below. Twelve play, about the right amount for 12 weeks. You can see the Sacramento area theaters I go to on my Theatre page. I have had a subscription to the SHN Theatres in San Francisco this year, which I’ve much enjoyed and have two performances left to see. I also went to the Berkeley Rep(ertory) Theatre this month and will attend more there in the future. I saw Angels in America, both parts, at TAAC (The Alternative Arts Collective), and after thinking about it for a long time, realized that my dissatisfaction was not with the local staging or actors, but with the play itself. It is too sprawling, too scattered, too much dialog rather than action to bring out the themes. I think my favorite of the quarter was Passion at New Helvetia Theatre, but there are several in close competition.

  • 2014-03-16 Berkeley Rep: The House That Will Not Stand
  • 2014-03-07 Green Valley Theatre: The Wild Party
  • 2014-03-06 B Street: Wrong for Each Other
  • 2014-03-01 Cap Stage: The Real Thing (again)
  • 2014-02-28 Big Idea Theatre: The Merry Wives
  • 2014-02-27 New Helvetia Theatre: Passion
  • 2014-02-14 TAAC: Angels in America 2: Perestroika
  • 2014-02-12 Cap Stage: The Real Thing
  • 2014-01-24 Big Idea Theatre: When the Rain Stops Falling
  • 2014-01-17 TAAC: Angels in America 1: The Millenium
  • 2014-01-16 B Street Theatre: Elemeno Pea
  • 2014-01-10 Runaway Stage: Young Frankenstein

Theatres on the grid

I was speaking to several people this evening at the Turn Downtown Around Open Forum about the wonderful abundance of theatres near where I live in Sacramento, on the grid (downtown & midtown) and near the grid. I’ve no doubt missed a few, particularly theatre companies and playhouses don’t run things very often, but here is my list for what it is worth:

On-the-Grid Theatres

B Street Theatre,
Capital Stage, J St,
New Helvetia Theatre, R St,
Sacramento Theatre Company, H St,
R25 Theatre Complex, 25th & R St

California Musical Theatre,, at Wells Fargo Pavilion and Community Center Theatre
Geery Theatre, L St,

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