DanAllisonDan Allison is the Safe Routes to School Coordinator for San Juan Unified School District, specifically the eleven Citrus Heights schools. My passions include hiking and backpacking, dancing, biking, and movies. I spend much of my time on transportation and livable community issues.

My mode of transportation is Brompton folding bike, light rail and bus, Amtrak, and walking. I’m car free!

Books I’ve read and am reading, on GoodReads.

Movies I’ve watched, on IMDb.


allisondan52@gmail.com, 775-997-4937

1615 O St, Apt 303, Sacramento CA 95814-5085

One thought on “About

  1. Dan,

    The internet is something else. Wasn’t even looking for information on You, Howard, or Joe and guess what I ran across.

    I was looking for a book review for “On the Loose” that I could copy for a young fellow here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Yes, he does speak very good English, better than my Spanish ever will be.

    Send me a short confirmation e-mail, that You did get this message.

    Also, send Howard my e-mail address if he is interested.

    Rcubed = Richard Rupp the Radical

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