Ridge Trail: Skyline to Mussel Rock 2019-11

On November 17 I joined a hike sponsored by the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, from Skyline College to Mussel Rock, along the Milagra Ridge trail. This is a section I’d done before, but it is always nice to join a group of trail supporters for a hike. This was another transit trip, but unfortunately the SamTrans bus from San Francisco to San Bruno was cancelled (broke down, I heard), so I had to catch the next bus and missed the group at the trailhead. I caught up about half way between Skyline and Pacifica and went the rest of the way. The trail has spectacular views south toward the Fifield section of the ridge trail and coastline, and north towards the Marin Headlands. It descends into Pacifica and follows streets to Mussel Rock, north of town. From this point, the official trail head steeply uphill along streets into Daly City, which is the most boring part of the entire trail. We hung out at Mussel Rock for a while, then returned to Pacifica for lunch and a jazz band at the Chit Chat Cafe.

I understand that it is possible at very low tide to walk from Mussel Rock to Fort Funston, without going up the hill into Daly City. I’ll try it sometime. The steep and eroding cliffs down to the ocean won’t ever see an official trail, though.

Bay Area Ridge Trail hiking group, led by Bob Siegel (ridge trail hat and shirt)

Photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/allisondan/albums/72157711979167061

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