Three things that could…

Three things that could make Sacramento a “world class city.”

  • Public drinking fountains, at least one every eighth mile
  • Public restrooms, at least on every quarter mile
  • Trash and recycle cans, at least one corner of every major intersection

Sacramento central city is actually doing much better on trash and recycle cans, but could do much better. Sacramento gets a zero on public restrooms (as in, not just unacceptable work, but the assignment never turned in) and a D- on drinking fountains. It is clear to anyone who looks that drinking fountains used by the homeless and low income are frequently broken, or dribble, but the ones in upper income neighborhoods always work. I cannot see this as other than intentional. 

You might think my rant is just about bias against homeless individuals, but this is discrimination against all citizens. It is a failure of government. The homeless suffer most from it, but we all suffer. 

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