IMDb Top 250, finally!

Spirited Away, IMDb #29

Yesterday I accomplished watching the IMDb Top 250 movies. I have been keeping track of the movies I watch since about 2002, but it was not until about four years ago that I decided to watch all of the movies on the top 250 list. I got to 240 about a year ago, and then progress really slowed, as every time I watched a movie, another one would pop up on to the list, and something I’d watched, drop off. Culturally popular movies tend to skyrocket onto the list, and then steadily drop down, and often off, the list over time. Some movies were hard to come by, with the library not having copies and not seemingly available to rent and download. I ended up renting a number of movies from iTunes since the wait list for library copies was weeks or months.

My ratings of movies agree with the masses on IMDb about 60% of the time, maybe a little above or below, but occasionally I strongly disagree. Of the five movies I’ve rated at 10 of 10 (Rififi, Spirited Away, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, and Chinatown), only Rififi is not on the list, though it still is a respectable 8.2. On the low end, movies I rated 4, 3, and 2 (The Departed, Gone with the Wind, Barry Lyndon, and Scarface) are still in the top 250.

I am in the process of moving my “movies watched” list from a Macintosh application, DVDpedia, to IMDb. There is a some loss of function, but there are benefits such as not having to enter movie data manually, and changing IMDb entries as movies moved up and down. I used to keep track of the Roger Ebert ratings on movies, as his ratings matched my own more often that other sources (but not always!). But with Roger gone, this became less and less useful. Moving to IMDb is part of my general move from laptop to Internet resources, towards the time someday when I have Internet access but no laptop. iOS devices instead.

My IMDb page is at, for your entertainment.

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