Reading in the digital world

I was recently looking at my “library” of books. I have only a few very favorites remaining as physical copies on my bookshelf, but I have many Kindle and Audible books. Just as in the old days when I had many unread books on the shelf, many of them purchased and unread years later, I have many unread on my digital shelf.

So I’m going to get many of them read this summer by “reading” (listening) while I’m backpacking. This is something I’ve shied away from for years because I don’t want to separate myself even a bit from nature. I’ve often taken my iPod nano (or other devices) to read just before bed, but on most days I’m exhausted and fall asleep, and spend too much time the next day trying to figure out where I was, so I can continue from that point. Unlike some people, I seem to remember nothing of what I “read” when I’m asleep. On my last backpack trip I “read” quite a bit, finishing one short book and half of a longer one while hiking, and also got another half short book read while on the train (Amtrak and BART).

I have a number of books in both Kindle and Audible versions, which with the WhisperSync technology allows me to switch back and forth. After buying a Kindle book, the Audible match can be purchased at a considerable discount. Strangely, it doesn’t go the other way, having purchased an Audible recorded book doesn’t provide any discount on the Kindle book. At any rate, many of my digital books I can read with the Kindle app or listen to, so I’m listening to them on my iPod.

goodreads_logo.pngAnother change I’ve just started is to keep track of the books I own, am reading or want to read, online. I picked a service called GoodReads. I’ve loaded most but not all of my digital books there, and am now going to keep track of my status there instead of in the Macintosh application BookPedia. I have yet to move everything over, and have not input any of my physical books at all, but will.

If you are interested in what I own, what I’ve read, what I’m reading, and what I want to read, it is there in my profile on GoodReads. You can also see my favorite authors, or at least the ones for which I’ve created a separate bookshelf.

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