Spring 2015 Newsletter

The first step of my seasonal newsletter is to look at my photos, and realize that I’m months behind on labeling and uploading photos to Flickr, and spending the time doing that. The seasonal collection is at https://www.flickr.com/photos/allisondan/collections/72157649198930144/. I’ve made slide shows for my last two seasonal newsletters, but don’t have time to do that today.


On the summer solstice, I was on a backpack trip along the American Discovery Trail (ADT), starting the morning in Reno and camping that night alongside Whiskey Creek in the Granite Chief Wilderness. My only other backpack this spring was also on the ADT, this time going from Foresthill to Folsom.

I spent spring break week in southern Utah with my friend Jeff, and a trip we’ve been talking about for probably 30 years. We day hiked Cedar Mesa, and then spent time exploring side canyons with ruins along UT Hwy 95 and Butler Wash. This is an area I definitely want to spend more time in. After spending so much of my growing up time in southern Utah, there was a long period of years in which I did not go, and missed it, so it is great to be getting back there more often.

My winter newsletter reported on my tidying adventure. I’ve mostly completed that, but the trailing ends have proved difficult to finish off because I lost the thread of energy. I will get it all done, but a lesson learned (as the book pointed out) is to not pause until it is finished. I decided to screen slides and then get them scanned at Costco, but that has gone slowly, mostly for lack of time to screen.

Danita & MatthewOf course I’ve been dancing. I attend my local contra dances when I’m in town, though with so much travel I miss probably half. I’m now serving on the board of the dance organization, Sacramento Country Dance Society, and am the communications coordinator. I attended Northwest Folklife in Seattle over Labor Day weekend, going with dance friend Melissa, and spent time with Danita, who I’d not seen in over a year. Unfortunately Temma was out of town, but we still stayed at her house. I’ve been going to the sacred circle dances in El Cerrito any time the dance matches the Sunday Streets weekends. I also made one historical dance, the BAERS Congress of Vienna Ball in Alameda.

After months of delays, the state finally authorized San Juan USD’s Safe Routes to School grant, so in August we will be starting up with a new two-year program. That means I know what I am doing with the next two years of my life, and I’m looking forward to it.

squirrels 3I always enjoy time spent in the bay area, kind of my second home. This spring I participated in the Bay to Breakers “race” for the first time, thanks to the many year’s encouragement of Vicki and other friend. I thought it was a hoot. My early part was mostly spent enjoying the costumes, but as the younger and costumed people started dropping out about half way (too much alcohol), I started walking in earnest and ending up with a decent time of 2:03. Of course the runners do it in about a quarter of the time, but I’m a walker and not a runner. The event is not something I’ll feel compelled to do every year, but I did enjoy it and will do it again.

This year I’m again volunteering for Sunday Streets SF, as a captain. The hours are longer but I so much enjoy working with the staff that I don’t mind. I’ve been doing less of Freedom from Training Wheels since the schedule conflicts. Embarcadero, Bayview/Dogpatch, Mission and Sunset so far, with several yet to go.

light displayThe Market Street Prototyping Festival was a lot of interesting, with livability enhancing designs ranging from silly to profound. My favorite was ChimeSF, a huge musical instrument that could be played by multiple,people. It was not only fun, it was a beautiful piece of design and woodworking. 

With my membership, I saw the major exhibits High Style at The Legion of Honor and Botticelli to Brecht at the de Young.

May Is Bike Month, and my mileage for the month was 836, mostly commuting miles, and all trip-replacement miles. I don’t use public transportation much during the month, except for six Amtrak trips, so that increases my pedaling. Given that I didn’t ride for six days while on my trip to Seattle, I’m fairly impressed with my miles.

I assisted Jim with the LCI Seminar in Davis in April.

Theatre continues to be a joyful part of my life, and the plays I’ve seen this season are at Theatre: Spring 2015

After years of struggling to find the right application and mechanism for posted my calendar events on the Internet, and having every one of them break after a time, I think I have finally found the solution. iosxpert’s CalendarPublisher copies events from Daylite (where I keep nearly everything) to Google Calendars, which I can embed in my blog Calendar. You may be amused at how busy I am, except life slows a bit in summer.

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