Winter 2014-2015 Update

Wouldn’t it be easier to date things, and follow the seasons rather than arbitrary calendars, if the year changed on the Winter Solstice? Then I’d only have to write Winter 2015, rather than trying to distinguish between last year and next year by writing 2014-2015. Yes, it is something I think about only once a year, but I’ve been thinking about it my entire life.

Life is busy as ever:

  • Sunday Streets San Francisco has started up again, and this year I’m volunteering as a captain for several of the events. It makes for longer days, but more service. March 8 was Embarcadero.
  • I have started spending time with my friend Lea again. Though we’ve kept in touch over the years since about 1984, we haven’t spent much time together since. Fun!
  • On winter break in southern Nevada, I rode with Joe Herbst to an area he calls Valley of the Kings, off North Shore Rd in Lake Mead NRA, visited friends Pitchfords, Donna, Howard, Jeff, Lance & Lorelle (and Vicki and Gus), and of course spent time with my family for the holidays.
  • For circle dancing, I attended the Gwyn Peterdi circle dance event in Oakland, Big Heart Tribal Gathering with teachers from all over northern California, two regular dances in El Cerrito, and an afternoon dance in Davis. For contra dancing, I attended the Contra Carnivale weekend in San Luis Obispo, and five regular dances in Sacramento. And one historical dance, the PEERS Victorian 12th Night Ball.
  • I did only one backpack trip, from Foresthill to Auburn on the American Discovery Trail.
  • I’ve been participating in the Food Literacy Center book club, which makes sure I devote at least some time to book reading instead of just keeping up with professional reading.
  • I saw nine plays, most in Sacramento but two in San Francisco.
  • As stated in my Fall 2014 post, I’ve been tidying my possessions, freeing myself of things that no longer bring me joy. Unfortunately I slowed down before I was finished and have stalled, but I will get back to it. The items I have left are those which didn’t easily fit into a category. I just gave away my old backpack to a friend, and that felt good.
  • I attended the Davis-Boulder Active Transportation Mini-conference in Davis, and helped Elle with a Traffic Skills 101 course.
  • For Sacramento Beer Week, I visited two breweries that were new to me, Yolo Brewing in West Sacramento (not far from Bike Dog Brewing) and Oak Park Brewing in Oak Park. Unfortunately the “week” was busy with other activities and I only made my favorite Track 7 Brewing twice, and next favorite New Helvetia Brewing once.

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