Christmas 2013 with family

MacClafferty family
MacClafferty family

A very nice Christmas Day with family. Family is my sister Jane and her husband John, nieces Kimberly and Allison, with Allison and her husband with daughter Lily, my grand-niece, and Kimberly’s boyfriend Jabari. Pictured at right: Allison, Jane, John, Dan, Lily (with dog Pip), Vincent, Kimberly, and Jabari.

We opened presents in the morning, later than my sister wanted, but early enough for everyone else. The most interesting present to my mind was the stilts Lily got. Though she struggled with them initially, she had become pretty proficient with them. Reminds me of the stilts we made out of 2x4s when I was a kid, though these are metal and quite a bit fancier.

There were visitors during the day, K.C. with Kelly and Kyle, and Roxie and Justin, with Roxie pregnant. Later, Kelli and her children Tristan and Mia. It is the only time of year I generally see these other people, so that is enjoyable. All are long time friends of the family.

Photos on Flickr.

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