weekend in SF

bluegrass band and furniture store couches
bluegrass band and furniture store couches, Sunday Streets SF

Another weekend in San Francisco. Sometimes I wonder which place I actually live.

Saturday I went to the Exploratorium with my friend Barbara. This is my first visit since it moved to Pier 15 on the Embarcadero from its old and smaller location in the Palace of Fine Arts. It would probably take one day a week over a year to see everything, so a day just gets a small sampling. We spent most of our time in the biology section and in the bay observatory section, looking at maps.

We had a picnic lunch with bread from Acme, cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, and ripe (very ripe) peaches from the Ferry Building farmers market. In the evening we saw Blackfish, a documentary on killer whales, Sea World and the people who work there. An eye opener, for sure, which should be seen by everyone who has ever been drawn to a cuddly Shamu stuffed animal.

Sunday I volunteered for and attended Sunday Streets. This day was in the Mission district, on Valencia Street and 24th Street. I helped set up barricades and signing which closes off most of the cross streets, and then patrolled these locations looking for any problems. The rest of the day I just enjoyed the crowds of people doing what they wanted to do on the streets, which is walk, bike, and enjoy life. Stopping for at least one song from each of the bands playing along the route takes almost two hours. The Mission location is my favorite, and this is my third time attending at this location. I especially like the connection between the event, the neighborhood, and the local businesses. I did my part by having tea at Philz Coffee in the morning and Javalencia Cafe in the afternoon, and dinner at Cafe Ethiopia. Lunch, a burrito from La Cumbre Taqueria, was provided for volunteers.

Down and back on BART and Amtrak, easy as pie.

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