local AND organic at Sac Sunday farmers market

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese
Spring Hill Jersey Cheese

I was at the Sacramento Sunday Farmers Market (state parking lot, 8th & W) this morning, and since it was earth day, thinking about food sources. If I had to choose, I’d choose local over organic, but when I don’t have to choose, what a wonderful thing that is.

The local and organic vendors I like are:

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese specifically asked me to let people know about their wonderful cheeses, so here you go!

There are of course a large number of local vendors at this, the largest of all the Sacramento area farmers markets, but these are the ones I buy the majority of my food from. And there are vendors which attend some of the other farmers markets in the region and not this one, so you’ll find different organic vendors at different markets. Yes, I also shop at Sacramento Natural Foods Coop, Trader Joes, Grocery Outlet and Safeway.

Photos on PicasaWeb.

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