Theatres on the grid

I was speaking to several people this evening at the Turn Downtown Around Open Forum about the wonderful abundance of theatres near where I live in Sacramento, on the grid (downtown & midtown) and near the grid. I’ve no doubt missed a few, particularly theatre companies and playhouses don’t run things very often, but here is my list for what it is worth:

On-the-Grid Theatres

B Street Theatre,
Capital Stage, J St,
New Helvetia Theatre, R St,
Sacramento Theatre Company, H St,
R25 Theatre Complex, 25th & R St

California Musical Theatre,, at Wells Fargo Pavilion and Community Center Theatre
Geery Theatre, L St,

Near-the-Grid Theatres

Big Idea Theatre, Del Paso Blvd,
Green Valley Theatre Company at Grange Performing Arts Center,
Celebration Arts, D St,
Runaway Stage Productions, at 24th Street Theatre and other,
Light Opera Theatre of Sacramento, at 24th Street Theatre,
City Theatre at Sacramento City College,
Sacramento State,
Arden Playhouse,

I have not been to every single one of these, but of the ones I have been to, the quality ranged from good to great. Knock on wood, I’ve never seen a bad play in Sacramento. I have shied away from a few productions that got lukewarm reviews in the Sacramento News and Review, but I’ve also gone to several without the benefit of a review at all. Some of it is cutting edge, some more traditional, but all enjoyable.

I think that in the number of theatres per capita, Sacramento compares well to any city on the west coast. I’m not sure where I’d find the data to support this, but it is definitely an impression I have from spending time in most of those other cities as well.

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