weekend in the bay

My blog has been silent for some while. When I have time to blog, that time goes into my transportation blog, Getting Around Sacramento. Perhaps appropriate, given how important transportation is to my life, my work, my passions. But nevertheless, this blog is feeling neglected.


Saturday I went over to Richmond on Amtrak, Millbrae on BART, and on to San Mateo on Caltrain. I spent the afternoon hanging at a nice tea/coffee place named Rendez Vous Cafe, catching up on some work. My friend Barbara joined me, we drank more tea, and then went to dinner at Curry Up Now. Good conversation. The primary reason for being in San Mateo was…

The PEERS Rivendell Revels dance. I went as a hobbit. My costume was limited, less than I had intended, but I ran out of time, money, and talent. Bilbo was there, dressed nearly authentic, along with a large number of elves, some men, a few dwarves, and one dragon. The dance was quite fun, enough different from the Victorian dances, and Kenni Lynn who I’ve not seen in more than a year was quite sparkling. PEERS has a dance once a month, with different themes and time periods. I have conflicts with the next several, but I’ll be back. A great group of people to dance and laugh with.

Yerba Buena Island from Ferry BuildingSunday morning I rode around San Francisco and went to the Ferry Building for chess, avocado, mustard and crackers, and ate the same with the view of Yerba Buena Island and the bridge east across the bay.

In the afternoon I went to see the musical Anything Goes at the SHN Golden Gate Theatre. Music by Cole Porter, and not ever number great, but the ones that are, really are. I think this may be the first pure musical I’ve ever seen on stage. Certainly I’ve seen other things which are musical theatre, but never this purity. It was completely silly and absolutely entertaining. This was also the first time I’d been in the Golden Gate Theatre. SHN has two more, Orpheum and Curran.

And now I’m back home in Sacramento. I love these weekends in the bay area, but also think I should spend more weekends home in Sacramento, because a lot of cool stuff happens here too.

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