Uncle Lester

Uncle Lester with my cousin Kurt, photo from Kurt

My uncle Lester Olaf Jorgensen passed last week. He was the last of that generation of my mother (Ruth Margaret Allison) who passed in March, and her sister (Anna Irene Downey) who passed in 1984. My dad (John Daniel Bradshaw Allison Jr), who passed in 2005, was the last of his generation on that side of my family. I miss all of them.

As a result of Lester’s passing, I started up again on family history (genealogy), updating my web pages and creating a new presence on Ancestry.com. I’m not sure whether I’ll continue on Ancestry.com – it has some resources unavailable elsewhere including family trees that others have created and fill details out at the edge of mine, but it is also expensive. The family trees are accessible only to members of Ancestry.com, so I’ll maintain my own web pages as well.

I also reactivated my account on Facebook (!) so that I could keep better touch with relatives. For those of you who know me, Facebook brings some mixed feelings.

5 thoughts on “Uncle Lester

  1. Hi Dan:
    Kurt made me aware of this site and I am so happy that you are so talented and energetic to be the family historian. I am technically stupid so I don’t know how to access the sites, not on facebook etc so I hope that you and Kurt stay connected and relate information. If you are interested, go on all veterans.com and pull up one of the obits on Les/ there was an article in the Dnver Post and the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel and the Legacy.com guestbook. I have many old pictures but you said that you had them too—perhaps Kurt can figure how to share them.
    Love Aunt Shirley

  2. Hi Dan, I’m so glad I ran across this. I would love to know if your mom has relatives in Denmark still. I know her dad Jorgensen came from there, right?

    1. Yes, I think there a quite a few. My grandfather (Nickolai) and two brothers (John and Olaf) came to the United States, but the other siblings stayed in Denmark. You can see some of this on my family tree at http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/48081121/family. Two relatives from Denmark, Irene Paarmann and Mogens Thoft, have contacted me to provide more family info, but at the moment I can’t find their information. Thoft is from my grandfather’s mother; can’t remember where the other fits in.

    2. Hi Dan: Was a real surprise to see this tonite because I was thinking about you and realizing I had not been in touch since Les’s passing which was just a year ago. Did this comment from Shay just come to you? I clicked on your name and read about your activities during the past year and I am exhausted!! You have been having some wonderful experiences and seem to be enjoying life. You mentioned that you might be coming to CO, but I didn’t see any reference to that. If you do head this way be sure to let us know as we would love to see you. It has been so hot–so many fires, floods, deaths and tragic events–so sad and a real downer for the tourist trade.

      I received an email from Laurel Johnstin yesterday saying that her father passed away last week. Do you know Jud Wallace? He was married to Mary Jorgensen, who is deceased, and is Laurel’s father. I wondered if you and Jane had stayed in touch with her and her brothers and with Charlotte and family? She lives in Kansas City and plans to visit here this fall.

      We are all doing well and hope that you and the relatives in Henderson are staying “cool” My love and hugs , Shirley .

      rom: “Dan Allison” To: sgjspike@comcast.net Sent: Friday, July 12, 2013 4:35:32 PM Subject: [New comment] Uncle Lester

      WordPress.com Shay Andrews commented: “Hi Dan, I’m so glad I ran across this. I would love to know if your mom has relatives in Denmark still. I know her dad Jorgensen came from there, right?”

      1. Shay wrote a couple of weeks ago, but I just got to answering. I’ve been backpacking. Which doesn’t even show up on my blog yet, maybe by tomorrow.

        Yes, there are at least a couple of times that I was thinking about coming to Colorado, but it did not work out either time, one because it was too squeezed in, and the other work conflicted. My current job ends in December, and if things work out I’ll have a break before starting another, and that might be a good time to visit, after Christmas in Las Vegas.

        Yes, I remember Jud and Mary, but it has been many years since I’ve seen them or been in touch. I have that Mary died in 2006 in Colorado Springs, but had no information about Jud. Laurel Jo is in my family tree, but nothing beyond birth date. Their kids are about my age or a bit younger, but I haven’t seen them in… Same for the other three kids, I only have their birth dates and no other information.

        I have not kept in touch with Charlotte, other than through Shay, and Shay and I are not very regular about keeping in touch. I’m not sure if Jane has.

        I find that most of the time I have a hard time keeping up with my own life, and only from time to time have the time to wonder about relatives and see what I can find out about them. I did do some updates on my family tree on Ancestry.com today, in response to Shay’s comment, but it seems like the longer ago a person has died the easy it is to find information online, and it very difficult to find out about people who have died within a generation, and still living.

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