friends in Southern Oregon

Bonnie, Clem, and Echo

I spent the last week in Southern Oregon visiting friends who I’d not seen in three years, or longer. In Phoenix I visited Bruce Meek, who I lived with while living in Ashland  to get my master’s in Environmental Education, 1978 to 1982. Bruce’s family is Christy Hope and James, and Christy’s sister and nephew were also visiting. I had lunch with Ty Hisatomi in Ashland, catching up after longer than three years. I also spent some time just looking at Ashland to see what has change and what remains the same. Lithia Park is as always a pleasure and unchanged, but there is a tremendous amount of housing that wasn’t there before, and the town must be much busier and crowded.

I then visited Bonnie Brown and Clem outside of Gold Hill. They are still there, and as they said, will always be there. They live up Sardine Creek Road on a place with a large garden and fruit trees and forest. We hiked up to an old mine, and spent a lot of time just hanging out and talking. Very, very enjoyable.

The whole trip was done on public transportation and bike. I took Amtrak to Klamath Falls, and the bus to Medford, rode to Bruce’s, rode to Ashland and back, and rode from Medford to Gold Hill, including along the Rogue River in the (ex-) Gold Ray Dam section. They back to the bus and back to the train and back home.

Photos at I neglected to get any photos of Bruce and family, so I’ll just have to visit again.

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