weekend in the foothills

Last weekend I went to Nevada City for the Foothills Country Dancer’s monthly dance at Oddfellows Hall. The dance has just in the last two months become significantly more popular, and the hall is now full of wonderful dancers, beginners, returnees, experienced people, of all ages. This has always been my favorite dance, but now it is even more fun. Thank you to the organizers, the callers, the band, and my carpool buddy Karen.

Manzanita on Indian Ridge trail

Sunday morning I went hiking and biking, both, in Empire Mine State Park in Grass Valley. Though obviously the theme of the park if the mining heyday of this area, there is a lot of healing nature (nature in the process of healing, and healing of people) to be found. I spent a while just sitting on the bridge over Little Wolf Creek. After the first part riding my bike, I locked it up and went hiking on the north side of the park, along Pipeline and Indian Ridge trails.

The Spider and the Fly

In the afternoon I attended the house concert hosted by Joyce and Dan. The music was Sylvia Herold and the Rhythm Bugs. Wonderful music, a combination of swing, jazz, and a more, all done with precise musicianship and wonderful voices. The concert was almost entirely from the group’s newly released album, The Spider and the Fly. It was fun, and left me feeling great. Joyce and Dan have been doing these house concerts for quite a while, but this was the first one I’d made. It won’t be the last. The concert was attending by quite a number of people from the Grass Valley / Nevada City community, some of whom I already knew and many I didn’t.


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