Aliens with Extraordinary Skills playbillI saw Aliens with Extraordinary Skills last evening at B Street Theatre Mainstage, the previous evening Water Falling Down at B3, and the last Sunday saw The Giver at B Street Family Series. It is really not my thing to see three plays in a week, but with many plays around town opening at about the same time, I can’t pass it up. The abundance of fine theatre is just one of the things, but a big one, that makes me love living in downtown. I haven’t even been to every theatre yet, but I’ve been seeing about two plays a month. I especially enjoyed Aliens, but all were good. The Giver is a favorite from using with with fifth and sixth grade students when teaching, and I was in doubt about having it as a family series show. But they did well, and did not take many edges off of it. It was pretty intense, and some of the younger kids in attendance looked a little shell shocked.

Next week, another play.

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