Mendocino with Steffani

Heavy SurfMy good friend Steffani Lazier invited several of her friends to Mendocino for a weekend, and included me! Steffani and I drove over Friday, stopped in Healdsburg at Oakville Grocery for lunch, and arriving in time to take a walk in Russian Gulch State Park in the rain, that turned to a driving cold rain just as we got back. The house Steffani rented is almost adjacent to the park. Dave and Rama arrived, and Lisa and Michael.

Saturday dawned clear. We went on a walk through the park and out to all the points, watching the amazing storm surf. In the afternoon we went to the town of Mendocino, in search of dinner ingredients such as bread, and just wandered around enjoying the town. Steffani honeymooned in Mendocino long ago and was remembering. Jane arrived Saturday afternoon, and everyone contributed to a delicious and varied dinner. We ended with a hot tub on the bluff above the ocean.

Sunday was rainy again, and some of us headed back to town for hot soup and warm sandwiches before going our separate ways.

More photos on PicasaWeb at

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