Bridge Spring Canyon

Howard and Ursula
Howard and Ursula in Bridge Spring Canyon

I went out for a wonderful mid-day hike with Howard Booth and Ursula Wilson, in the Nelson area southeast of Boulder City. Though I’d hiked a little in the area, and had often gone there for spring wildflower displays, I’d never been to the area we went, Bridge Spring Canyon and Oak Creek Canyon. Bridge Spring Canyon of course has a bridge, a natural rock arch over a waterway (bridges span waterways, arches don’t), a seep below, and quite a lot of oaks (Quercus turbinella). We then went over a ridge and into Oak Creek Canyon, which has no creek except after rains, and only scattered oaks in damp or shady areas. I forget when I’m away from the desert how much I enjoy being out in the clean air with distant views and wonderful close-in details. Though I thought I might go back to Sacramento early, this hike reminded me that I won’t give up any days in the desert. Thanks, as always, to Howard for these days out.

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