Nothing terribly eventful has happened since my last post, but I know if I fall far behind, it seems too hard to decide what to post and catch up.

Sacramento trees have been spectacular with fall color. As my first fall here, I’m not sure if it brighter, but it is certainly bright, and is probably later than usual, with a few trees now bare but many in their full glory.

I’ve been going to Davis to see movies at the Varsity Theatre this fall. I like old theatres, and in fact try to avoid modern multiplexes, so my theatres are the Tower and Crest in Sacramento, the Varsity in Davis, and others when I travel. Recently I’ve seen The Way and Martha Marcy May Marlene. I’m exploring the bike facilities of Davis and also using up left over Amtrak tickets.

I spent Wednesday with Steffani, and Thanksgiving day with Lea and her friends, as well as her household of dogs and cats. Quite enjoyable!

Of course I’m dancing, last night I Sacramento, last Saturday in Auburn where I’ve not danced in years, and last Friday in Davis where I’ve never danced before. In Auburn a few of us went for yogurt at break, and last night four of us went to Desert Diner after. I really enjoy this and have been disappointed that this social practice that was so common when I started dancing has faded away in most places.

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