Ride to Locke


Saturday I rode to Locke/Walnut Grove, about 30 miles down the Sacramento River from Sacramento. I started along the east side from Tower Bridge, staying as close to the river as possible, which is close in places with a paved path on the levee, but quite far away in others. At Freeport I crossed to the west side, past Clarksburg, back to the east side at Courtland bridge, and on into Walnut Grove where I ate lunch at Maya’s. After a little time in Locke, I headed back upriver along the levee roads. I cut off the last part by taking light rail back from Meadowview.

Courtland Draw Bridge
Courtland Draw Bridge

Though I ride every day, commuting, this was longest ride I’ve done in a while, and I was tired! I’m gradually working my way down the river, and eventually will ride all the way to the Golden Gate. The bridges are markers: Tower, Freeport, Courtland, Walnut Grove. So far.

I really enjoy riding the levee roads with the river to one side and farmland to the other. Though the roads are narrow and have more traffic than I’d like, it is beautiful.

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