iMatter March in Sacramento

Adam Loorz of iMatter March
Adam Loorz of iMatter March

This morning I joined a group of people, led by local high school students, for an iMatter March. This is a climate justice action founded by Alec Loorz, a high school student from southern California. I saw Alec speak at Bioneers last fall, was quite inspired, and he was here today to kick off the march. Students from several local high schools led the march, supported by Rebecca Anderson of Alliance for Climate Education. We walked from Cesar Chavez Park to the steps of the Capitol. The group was not large, but it was enthusiastic, and I enjoyed the people I met, both during the march, and at Temple Coffee and Tea afterwards.

I have fallen way behind on my postings. I’m working two jobs, in Sacramento and Carson City, and that along with the travel back and forth, is keeping my fully occupied with little time left for thinking about blogs.

I carpooled last night from Sacramento to Nevada City for the contra dance, with Karen, Michelle, Tim and ?. A very enjoyable dance, as it always is in Nevada City. Of course I get to see and dance with some very good friends when I’m there.

One thought on “iMatter March in Sacramento

  1. Dan, thanks for coming out. The foundation of awareness built by and others is the launching pad for the iMatter movement OF, BY and FOR the KIDS. In case you missed it, please read Alec’s OpEd which first appeared here and Victoria Loorz’s piece here … and we invite you and your readers to vote for your favorite posters submitted by students from all around Sacramento here BTW, that is me taking movies of you taking photos of Alec … too funny ;-D

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