New job, new place

I have accepted a Safe Routes to School job in the Sacramento area, specifically working for San Juan Unified School District and the nine schools in Citrus Heights. Other partners include WalkSacramento (Complete Streets coordinator Terry Preston generated the grant application), the City of Citrus Heights which has a greenhouse gas reduction plan, and Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates.

For the remainder of April and May, I will be continuing my Safe Routes to School contract in Carson City, supporting the bike education programs and finishing out projects. Since both positions are part-time, I’ll be back and forth nearly every week between Sacramento and Carson City. A little crazy and wearing, no doubt, but I really want to wrap up Carson City successfully. I’m not sure when I’ll actually move to the Sacramento area, but sometime after I decide whether to live in Citrus Heights or mid-town Sacramento, and it depends on my summer schedule as I’ll have some time off for backpacking but not sure how much.

Things I will miss about Carson City: being close to the mountains, biking in a place that has low traffic, the advocacy organization I work with, Muscle Powered, working with the PE teachers, and most of all, my best friend who I’m sadly leaving behind. Things I’ll enjoy about Sacramento: more dancing of all sorts, the American River and the bike trail along it, milder winters, being only 1-1/2 hours away from the bay area by train, and the challenges and new learning of a new job.

One of the things not yet figured out is how much I’ll be able to live without a car. Sacramento has pretty good public transportation, but Citrus Heights is way out in the suburbs, well beyond the light rail. I have been reducing my car use for several years, with the ultimate objective of living without one.

My email address will stay the same, and my cell phone number will stay the same at least until August, and maybe longer.

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