Nevada City weekend

Hoyt Pool on the South Yuba River
Hoyt Pool on the South Yuba River

February 5th & 6th I had a wonderful weekend in Nevada City and Grass Valley. Friday night I went to Georgia Wright’s dance party in Reno, which was poorly attended but had the benefit that I got a lot of practice with Georgia, who is the instructor with Veto of the ballroom dance class I’m taking in Carson City. Then I headed over to California and slept out in the forest above Nevada City. I had breakfast at the South Pine Cafe in Nevada City, good food and a nice way to start the day. I’d never been there before, since I most often eat breakfast at Lisa and Eric’s.

Saturday I did some shopping (mostly window shopping) and went to Gold Mountain tea shop to get some tea and a tea thermos for Danita. Then I went hiking on the South Yuba River north of town. The day was beautiful, surprisingly warm as I hiked up the south facing slope above the river. I cleaned up after the hike and went to…

… the family dance, potluck, and regular contra dance in Nevada City. This is my favorite regular dance anywhere, and I go as often as I can. The family dance was fun, with a lot of families and kids who did surprisingly well at the dances. Raena latched onto me and we danced a lot. The evening dance was a “cavalcade of callers” organized by Joyce Nelson, and I called two dances. Joyce, Mark Goodwin, and Bob O’Brien also called. The high school age (but adult mature) students from Woolman Semester are always high energy and fun to dance with. After the dance I stayed with Joyce and Dan, and we stayed up pretty late talking.

Sunday I went hiking again, on the south side of the river this time. I walked the Independence Trail all the way west (the ditch goes further but the trail ends at a dirt road), down to the river, and then back all the way to the east (the ditch again goes further but the trail ends at a bedrock area where the flume was not replaced). The weather was perfect. I tried to go swimming in the river, but didn’t get all the way in. Warm days don’t warm up snowmelt that much!

Whenever I’m in Nevada City and Grass Valley, around a number of good friends, at the dance, close to the most wonderful river, I wonder why I don’t live there. But a lot of other people have the same thought, and jobs there are not easy to come by.

Photos on PicasaWeb. Unfortunately, no photos of the dance or friends. I’ll do better next time.

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