Mom and the bridge

Ruth & Dan Allison on the O'Callaghan-Tillman Bridge
Ruth & Dan Allison on the O’Callaghan-Tillman Bridge

On Tuesday, my Mom said she wanted to see the new bridge over the Colorado River near Hoover Dam, so we drove out to see it. It is called the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. O’Callaghan was one of Nevada’s most popular governors.

First we drove over the bridge into Arizona, but with high concrete barriers on the bridge, that is a non-event – you wouldn’t even know you were on a high bridge if you didn’t know where you were. We then went back to the road to Hoover Dam (which used to be the main highway, but now dead ends over the dam and a short way into Arizona). The trail up to the bridge switchbacks many times, but also has stairs, so we pushed up the switchbacks. It was quite windy out on the bridge, though with the day being warm, it was not uncomfortable. A nice woman offered to take a photo of us, so at right is my Mom and I mid way across the bridge. It is quite a spectacular bridge, and the view down to the river gives that feeling in the pit of the stomach.

Though I know the bridge was not really necessary and was incredibly expensive, it is nevertheless impressive. On the way to the bridge, there was a temporary sign diverting traffic down Hwy 95 through Loughlin, due to delays on the road, and then closer, there was another sign suggesting the trucks not use the bridge due to high winds. I’m not sure how often this happens, but it amazes me that a bridge would be built that often can’t be used due to wind. Oh, wait, NDOT is building another right now, the Galena Creek bridge.

I go down to Las Vegas every two to three months to visit my mom, sister, nieces, grand-niece, and when it works out, some of the many friends I still have there. Though I’ve not lived in Las Vegas in 13 years, I still have many good friends there. Most of my friends in other places think I still live there. It must have branded me in some way.

Note the shirtsleeves I’m in, which is all I wore while in southern Nevada. I arrived back in Reno to lightly falling snow. Different worlds!

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