Horse ride with Joe

Joe on Ruby, upper Calville Wash
Joe on Ruby, upper Calville Wash

Sunday Joe Herbst and I got out for a short horse ride. I truly enjoy these days out, though they only happen for me about once a year (Joe goes nearly every weekend), these are always among the best days.

Today we rode upper Calville Wash, north of the North Shore Road in Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The Bowl of Fire is just to the north of the wash, and the wash drains a part of the bowl. Joe was riding his new mule Ruby, and I rode Pam’s Arabian Elle (Pam is Joe’s wife). The dogs Trixie and Rufus also went along. We went up the north fork of the wash, encountering a lot of soft mud and quicksand which was a little sketchy, over the saddle, and back down the wet but more stable east fork. We rode for perhaps four hours, but with such a beautiful day, it seems like enough. A few more photos on PicasaWeb.

For those of you who don’t know him, Joe is a nearly lifelong friend, who I met shortly after moving to Las Vegas when I was 11. His dad Emmett and my dad worked together for an AEC contractor, and we were introduced as hiking partners, which we immediately became under the mentorship of Howard Booth. The only long trip Joe and I have had is a week in Escalante Canyons, Utah, in April 2007, which I did not post about in this blog, but you can see photos on PicasaWeb from that trip.

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