Busy Fall

It’s been a crazy busy fall, very enjoyable. Though each of these activities could have its own post, and its own photos, I’m just going to list them with a few words:

  • ProWalk/ProBike Conference in Chattanooga TN: the national conference on biking and walking, and serves as the national Safe Routes to School conference in even years; Chattanooga was enjoyable, but getting there was quite long and unpleasant with horrible transportation connections; the conference’s real value for me was the connections made
  • Pickin in the Pines Festival in Flagstaff: this weekend music festival is full of great bluegrass music, and this year for this first time, also full of contra dancing; I had a great time dancing, loved the music, visited with friends dancing and not (Kate, Deb & Mike, Fran, Karina), ran into several friends I’ve not seen in many years and didn’t even know were in Flagstaff (Ann).
  • Gathering of the Tribe sacred circle dance

    Gathering of the Tribe in El Cerrito: I attended Saturday of the sacred circle dance weekend called Gathering of the Tribe; it has been a long while since I’ve done circle dancing, and I really enjoyed being back in it, particularly the dances outside with Holly; seeing and dancing with Sienna was an immense pleasure; the night before I went to the special Felton contra dance with Julie after dinner with the whole Widera crowd

  • Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco: and the next day I spent at the festival in Golden Gate Park; friends have been recommending that I go for years, and I finally made it; I spent all my time at the “old timers” stage, listening to people whose music and history I’ve long admired by mostly never seen; though there were hundreds of thousands of people there, it didn’t feel overwhelming; just before the festival I had tea with Barbara who I’ve not seen in years
  • Bioneers in San Rafael: I’ve not been to the Bioneers conference in years, and noticed that it was both completely different and yet unchanged; I attended a number of workshops that were valuable, but as always, it was the personal connections that were most valuable; I spent a lot of time talking to Stephen about transportation, and attending the council circle which was for me the deepest experience of the weekend
  • Into the Woods in Reno: I attended Into the Woods with Darla and Danita; this is my favorite play, and the first time I saw it was the best play of my life, so I was a little leery of a TMCC production, but it was well done and I was happy to see it again; I don’t seem much theatre because there isn’t much in Carson City
  • Fall Has Sprung in Grass Valley: this 12-hour dance is often my favorite of the year, and this year was not exception; my dance community is in Nevada City/Grass Valley as much as locally, so it is great to see and dance with those people, and the others who travel to the special dance from distant places; Danita accompanied me, her first real contra dance out of town, and loved it; Lisa and Eric hosted us and fed us waffles, and life can’t be better than that

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