Shame on Reid

I have been following the controversy about the Muslim Community Center in New York. I cannot see the objection to it as anything other than hatred of Muslims. It makes no sense to me at all. It is not a mosque. It is not at ground zero. What will be at ground zero is a commercial center. Is that the god we really pray to, shopping and spending? Didn’t Jesus say something, and do something, about the moneylenders in the temple?

I expected lies and invective from the Republicans – it seems to be largely what the party is about these days, having rejected all the values on which it was founded and to which it gives lip service but no real support. And now the Democrats have joined them. Harry Reid, you have crawled down into the gutter with Limbaugh and Beck. Doesn’t it feel slimy down there?

If the objective of the terrorists was to cause us to abandon our best aspects and to become filled with hatred and intolerance, then it would appear they succeeded.

I was encouraged to post this by Roger Ebert’s blog post. You can read the post and comments, but most moving is the writing of his shortly after September 11, called A Green Field, which he included in the post. It is worth reading, as much today as it was then. I remember it.

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