the evil festers

the movie

I just watched the movie by Robert Greenwald Uncovered: The War on Iraq. It was a shock to again see the “leaders” of the country – somehow I’d blocked them from my mind visually. This movie is an important reminder of how immoral, yes, how evil these people were, and are. I have thought all along, but am reminded again, that we must not move on from this horror until we have come to terms with it. If we leave it in the past, it is a wound that will continue to fester, until it erupts again and causes more incalculable harm to our country and to the world. They all lied to us, on purpose. It is so easy to see in their faces that they were lying, and so hard to accept that anyone then or now believes them. Let me say it clearly: George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condolezza Rice, and Colin Powell are criminals. They lied to the American people in order to accomplish other objectives of power and wealth. They must be brought to justice. Their intricate deceptions must be exposed. If we do not do that, it will all be repeated again, by another set of people in another time. And we will again wonder how we let it happen.

This is not about politics, and there was certainly enough blame on the Democrats for going along with it, even becoming cheerleaders. This is about morality and law. These people were, and are, immoral. No religion that is honest with its values could see what happened as anything other than an absolute betrayal of those values. These people were and are criminals. They broke the laws of the United States, again and again and again, and the laws of the world. And they are traitors. They betrayed our country, they betrayed our soldiers, and they betrayed the world.

The last few months I have been wondering why the Republicans and the right wing fringe have been lying so profusely about global climate change and about health care. Now I see the light. They got away with it before, in Iraq, and there were no real consequences. They are using what works. And it works because we, all of us, have let them get away with it. We must not “move forward.” We must go back, identify and clean out the infection, discard the diseased material into a biohazard container (jail), and let the wound start to heal. It will take time, as it is a deep wound. But if we do not clean it, if we ignore it and hope that it will go away, the infection will spread, and it will kill us.

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