A summer of backpacking

Five Lakes Gorge, Granite Chief Wilderness
Five Lakes Gorge, Granite Chief Wilderness

I’ve spent most of this summer backpacking, and that mostly in the Granite Chief Wilderness. It is my current favorite place in the world. As the fall comes, I’m broke and happy. As a result of spending so much time in the Granite Chief, I decide to start a website and blog on the wilderness, at http://granitechief.org/ or http://granitechief.wordpress.com/. I noticed as I tried to find out more about the wilderness that there isn’t nearly as much information as for many wilderness areas. There is no official wilderness map, no official guidebook, and no extensive sources on the Internet. This is the first summer since I was a wilderness ranger in the Gila (1983-84) that I’ve had so many nights out.

I’ve also been working on some environmental education projects, helping to plan the Tahoe Watershed Tours that occurred in August and now working on the Tahoe Environmental Literacy Summit that will occur October 11.

With the school year started again, I’m substitute teaching a little, but that starts off slow as teachers are reluctant to miss days early in the year.

This last week, after a three day backpack trip in the Granite Chief that finished off my exploration of all the trails, I attended the Echo Summit Dance Weekend at Camp Sacramento. Two days of contra dancing, incredible music and strong calling, wonderful people from all over California and beyond. Ahh!

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