backpack in (winter)

The Lone Pine
The Lone Pine, Carson Range

On the Presidents’ Day weekend I got out for a three day backpack in the Sierra foothills. Walked out my door to Ash Canyon where I slept overnight beside the creek, then climbed up the ridge to the south, and over to Kings Canyon past the waterfall, then up the road that snakes towards the ridge to the south, and along that ridge to the west saddle where Kings Canyon Road (the old Lincoln highway) crosses from Kings Canyon to Clear Creek, camped there, and back home on Sunday.

Highlights were the lone pine that sits on the ridge between Kings Canyon and Clear Creek, which is visible for miles from certain angles, and is a bonzai-like tree about 20 feet tall. Probably very old, though not large. The closest other trees are a half mile further west on the ridge. The top of the ridge, to the south of the saddle, is also a really cool place, flat, with large pines and rocks along the outside edge to sit on an stare off into space. The weather was pretty amazing, 56 degree Fahrenheit on Friday, with a little spatter of snow early Sunday morning. Very pleasant for backpacking.

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