settling in on WordPress

I’ve decided to go with WordPress, the hosted version, for my personal blog. I can have multiple blogs for other purposes by installing local copies, as I’ve done on the NNREC website, and still be in a similar though not identical interface. I looked at other installed blogs provided by my host Cedant, at Blogger, and at Moveable Type. I’ve had a TypePad blog for some time, and I like that interface, but it is not free and has less flexibility than WordPress unless I buy higher cost options. I found Moveable Type too hard to install and manage, with limited UNIX skills. Blogger is OK and will probably get better quickly with the Google connection, but it is just not there yet. WordPress is not perfect, and some of the themes don’t seem to work properly, but it is pretty good. WordPress it is, for now.

I imported my old TypePad posts from 2005 and early 2006, which was easy.

So, now, to find the time to post more regularly!

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